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After 6 months of active publishing, we were successful in bringing to the first page of google for 15 long tail keywords and #1 for the main keyword. Here is what we did:

  1. Created a facebook page and posted 5 links per week pointing back to the site.
  2. Created approx 10 links pointing back to the site by commenting on other forums, blogs, etc.
  3. Created an easy to use form for realtors and home owners to create ads.  At the time of this writing, there are about 20 ads.
  4. Imported several thousand images from Flickr related to craftsman bungalows.
  5. Imported real estate ads from several online real estate websites.
  6. Wrote several articles related to bungalows.

These results were achieved after the site had been live for about 6 months.  Results may vary for other sites, but this will give you an idea for this site.

Keyword: Craftsman bungalows for sale (#1)

craftsman bungalows for sale

Keyword: Craftsman bungalows (#1)

craftsman bungalows

Keyword: Craftsman bungalow (#2)

craftsman bungalow

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