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Can you name one thing that you cannot find in your Smartphone? I guess not because you can find everything in there and the industries are now tapping into the potential. They were not aware of the impact that the Smartphone’s have therefore they were reluctant to go mobile initially, but once they did take the step now they are just exploring every possibility of reaching out to the huge customer base.

Almost everybody reaches out to their Smartphone whenever they need any help. If it is weather, then the weather app is there to help you or if you want to find any restaurant or amusement park nearby then also you have certain apps which will help you find your favorite destination just through a swipe and tap. The life is indeed much easier than before with the presence of Smartphone in our life.

List of Top Industries to go Mobile are –

  • Restaurants – When we are on a go the Smartphone are the easiest way to get access to all the information over the internet. Restaurants have realized the potential of the Smartphones and they have started using it for their benefits.
  • Car services – The car services are now going mobile and with certain apps they are making it easy for their customers to book an appointment for servicing of their cars and renting cars are also made available online.
  • Professionals – There are some individuals who are running home services and they find it easy to reach out to their customers through mobile than anything else. They are just a call away, literally.
  • Healthcare – Now the doctors have gone mobile savvy too. They are more likely to go through your medical history in their Smartphones because most clinics and hospitals are using the new technique of storing all the details on the server which can be accessed easily through any device be it computer or Smartphone. This has reduced the use of papers and documentations are much simpler now.
  • Hotels – All the big names in the hotel industry are using the mobile device to provide their customers with discount facilities and easy bookings. They even use text messages to send out offers and coupons to their regular clients.
  • Airlines – When airlines started using Mobile the passengers were highly relieved because now they don’t have to fear about losing their boarding passes at home. They get their boarding passes as 2D bar codes in the smart phones which you can scan at boarding gates and different checkpoints.
  • Politics – The politicians are the ones to take advantage of all the latest technologies during their campaigning. Text messages and apps are created to reach out to the maximum number of people with their message.
  • Travel and Tourism – If you are going to a place for the first time, then you will need information about that place and how the weather is out there! You will get all this information and much more through your Smartphones. You can even get travel guides through various apps right in your Smartphones.
  • Books – In many countries’ e-books are becoming more and more popular than the traditional books. The price of e-books are said to be more affordable that is the reason of gaining popularity.
  • Education – There are iPod apps that will help your child get more interested in their books and which helps them to solve mathematical problems too. 

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